RS Chip

$980.00 $780.00

Product Details
+ Up to 10% fuel savings
+ Dyno & Race Proven
+ Safe for engine
+ Transferable between vehicles
+ Smartphone Control Technology
And more…

Price includes installation and testing

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The RSChip utilizes revolutionary new high speed IO to communicate directly with the ECU through the OBD-II port. Inside your car’s ECU, a 3-dimensional map tells your fuel injectors exactly how much fuel to deliver given current air temperature, density, engine speed, throttle position, and other variables. From the factory, this map is generic and designed to provide a sluggish, no-surprises style of driving to suit a wide range of drivers. The RS1 Performance Chip temporarily replaces parts of this map with parts from our highly tuned performance maps, and will safely unleash your engine’s full potential, without voiding the warranty.


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